Careful Sparky, this is no ordinary drop zone.  This is a once in a lifetime, story you’re grandchildren won’t believe, epic bucket list skydiving experience.

Sure, all skydiving is memorable, but Skydive Melbourne Beach is Next Level.

Experience the only Special Ops Extreme Beach Tandem Skydive in the United States

Check One Off  The Bucketlist That You Didn’t Know Was on Your Bucket List.

Skydiving has always been on your bucket list – Now add the twist of jumping out of an exotic aircraft.  This is out of the ordinary, next level skydiving usually reserved for extreme pro’s with north of 1000 jumps.  In fact, less than 2% of skydiver enthusiasts worldwide get to experience a jump from an exotic aircraft like the ones Sky Dive Melbourne Beach arranges. It’s time to obliterate that bucket list item over the emerald blue waters of the Atlantic ocean and the warm soft sands of Melbourne Beach with Skydive Melbourne Beach!

Board your jump aircraft at Melbourne International Airport. Like a scene out of Bay Watch, your flight takes you over the intracoastal waterway and down Melbourne Beach with the thump of a jet copter to your exit jump altitude.

Skydiving may be the scariest thing to ever do, besides getting married and having kids…but it will be the safest thing you do all day with the professionals at Skydive Melbourne Beach. The feeling of skydiving is what we referred to as superhero fly time. You’ll feel like you’re flying around the sky like wonder woman or Superman. Around 7000 feet your instructor will deploy your main chute and you have 4 to 6 minutes of pure bliss with the absolute amazing views . You’ll land like a rockstar in front of friends and family on the soft/warm Melbourne Beach sands at our host resort, The Crowne Plaza Melbourne Oceanfront -where an amazing ocean deck, tropical tiki bar/restaurant and cold beverages are waiting for you when you touch down!

What RU waiting for… crush that bucket!

First Time Jumping?

You’re in the right place! Tandem skydiving with Skydive Melbourne Beach offers the perfect introduction to “free-fall” and canopy flight, with minimal time and training commitment.  You’ll fly with one of our professional jump instructors and see why we love what we do.

As a first jump, our drop zone is one of a kind and truly special.  Skydive Melbourne Beach is the only tandem drop zone in the South Eastern United States with a dedicated beach landing.

At Skydive Melbourne Beach, our world-class staff is ready to make your first skydiving adventure as safe and amazing as can be. We know jumping out of an airplane for the first time can seem a bit intimidating, so we strive to create a positive, fun learning environment with the highest level of individual attention possible. We also utilize the most advanced teaching methods and equipment available.

Your first jump will be a tandem skydive, in which you are attached via a harness to a USPA-Certified instructor. Tandem skydiving is by far the easiest, safest, and most cost-effective means of introduction to the sport.


The cost of your priceless experience:


Single Jumper


Parties of 4


Video Package

Video & Stills Included

*Retired & Active Military $200 OFF of single jumper pricing.